Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gado-gado (a Traditional food from JAVA)

Gado-gado is a food which basic ingredients are vegetables. Gado-gado exists in almost every Indonesian restaurant menu. Javanesse people ussualy use gado word for food which eaten without rice.
In fact gado-gado is mixed of many kind of boiled and puted on spiced vegetables or peanut sauce.
The vegetables are ussualy spinach and creeping water-plant, long bean, tauge, corn, young jack fruit, paria, cabbage. At the top of the vegetables added many kind “accessoris” like fried tofu, fried soyabean, fried or boiled potatoes, boled egg and cucumber. At the end added with fried onion.
Gado-gado have two different sauce. The first and the most liked is scraped peanut sauce, because the taste if the sauce is fresher and more exclusive.

50 gram of taoge, throw away the root, pour with boiling water into boil leak [ view picture ]
150 gram of creeping water-plant, crosscut, braise leak
150 gram spinach, pluck the leaf, braise, leak
200 gram of pare, throw away the seed, braise
1 siam gourd, braise
1 soybean cake ( 8x8 cm), fry
1-2 tablespoon onion, fry
3 egg item, braise, pare
chips emping and fried onion ( addition )

Sauce :
200 gram peanut, fry
2 red chilli
5 cayenne
1 teaspoon salt
0.5 teaspon shrimp paste ("terasi")
1 tablespoon palm sugar
200 cc mineral water

1. Sauce : all materials for saus attenuated, later;then cook till boil, lift
2. Mingle sauce, vegetable, soybean cake, and tempe swirl to flatten
3. Serving in dish, enhancing egg cutting, add fried onion and another additional material

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