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Flat Asep Project to Tasikmalaya

Flat Asep Project to Tasikmalaya5th September, 2005)

The Flat Asep Tasikmalaya Team from left-to-right:
Mrs. Maryati, Farida, Bella, Fitri, Lestari, Rizky, Septioadi, and Mr. Enceng.

In front of Bale Kota
In Government Office
Galunggung Mountain's Map
Way to the Mount

Galunggung mountain is one of famous tourism spot in Indonesia. Located in West Java province, exactly in Tasikmalaya, this mountain usually crowded with people from all over the country or even foreign tourists who want to see it. It's very great, isn't?

When we came there, it was already dark. But the view of the mountain still looking very good. And we interviewed Mr. Kuswana as the officer in PERUM PERHUTANI who organize whole the activities of Galunggung Mountain.

Galunggung mountain is an very active mountain. The last eruption happened in 1952. and after that, this mountain is normally active. So it's not too dangerous for us to come there and enjoy the view also other facilities there. Such as Cipanas Hot Water Shower.

Smile with Asep
With Mrs. Maryati and Mr. Enceng

As the tourism object, Galunggung mountain gives many advantages too for people who live there. Such as we can get an electricity in home, facilities reparation like street and transportation and also we can sell many things for the tourist. Galunggung mountain has made water irrigation too in the river so it's very useful for the people.

Although Galunggung mountain is save now, but our government still watching and caring the whole condition by sent PERHUTANI, and Vulcan logy Department. And if we need more information, we can get from them.

With PERHUTANI in Galunggung Mountain
Wajit from Tasikmalaya
24 EC with The Owner of Wajit Home Industry in Tasikmalaya
How to make Wajit
Material for Wajit Dodol
Melt the Red Sugar
The Red Sugar
Wajit before Bake
For Baking the Wajit
Lestari with The Owner of Opak Home Industry in Tasikmalaya. Opak is a kind of snack which is baked.
The material
The Opaks
The Owner and worker for Opak Industry
Opak still getting Fry
In Balaba Shop
Balabah Handicraft is one of famous home industry in Tasikmalaya. The place is on Jalan Babedahan No. 26, Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya. This industry built since 1984 by Mr. H. Mamat, they produce many kinds of special handicraft from Tasik. Mr. Mamat has six until seven workers to help him.
The Workers
Workers in Balaba Handycraft

The work system in there is unique because the plait process isn’t done there but other workers who bring the raw material that is srewpine, mendong and agel to their home selves. After they plait it at home, they brought the result to Balabah Handicraft for painting and dry it.

So, we can use the result in type like:
Tissue Box
Pencil Box
Rubbish Bin
Jewelers box

The cost of them are cheap. The cost depend on size, kind, and the quality of raw material. For export, the costs are between Rp 14.000,00. the amazing thing is the results of this production exported to Italy, Dutch and even to England.

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