Thursday, January 03, 2008

Musical Intelligence

Definition: The ability to compose songs and music, sing and play instruments and appreciate all kinds of music. Also having a strong sense of universal harmony and awareness of patterns in life.

Usually found in: composers, recording engineers, performers, musical instrument makers, conductors, rap artists, piano-tuners, some cultures without written languages, music lovers.

Famous examples: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Ravi Shankar

Musical Intelligence traits:

  • May be very spiritual
  • Appreciates emotional power of music
  • Sensitive to rhythm, pitch, timbre, melody
  • Aware of complex structure of musical notes
  • Listens to lots of music - all kinds
  • A concert goer
  • May have lilting, interesting "musical" way of speaking
  • Can't help but move to music
  • Probably sings in the bath, if not everywhere!
  • Auditory language, "Sounds good to me", "Listen up, are you hearing me?"
  • Strong aptitude for playing an instrument

Exercises to strengthen musical intelligence:

  • learn with songs
  • play an instrument
  • tell yourself you can do it and write a song a week
  • exercise with music
  • listen to rock, rap, classical, jazz, world, folk, pop, music of all kinds
  • study while listening to active and passive concerts
  • listen to Mozart!
  • join a choir or a band
  • create a mood tape - with music that lifts you up, inspires you, makes you feel romantic etc
  • listen to concerts while lying down and watch the images that form
  • use rapping to learn subjects and lists
  • use your computer to compose music (like Moby!)
  • do image streaming while listening to baroque music
  • listen to binaural sound patterns on mind machines or meditation audio programs

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