Thursday, January 03, 2008

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Definition: Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is the capacity to reason, calculate, recognise patterns and handle logical thinking.

Usually found in: scientists, engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers, doctors, police investigators, researchers, accountants, economists, lawyers and animal trackers

Famous examples: Bertrand Russell, Marian Diamond, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence traits:

  • likes to count
  • likes to be organized
  • is very precise
  • good at problem-solving
  • recognises patterns
  • likes math games
  • likes to experiment in a logical way
  • orderly note-taking
  • ability for abstract thinking
  • likes computers

Exercises to strengthen logical-mathematical intelligence:

  • Use deductive thinking like Sherlock Holmes
  • Use computers for spreadsheets, graphs and calculations
  • practice sequential step-by-step thinking!
  • get organized and delegate a place for everything
  • use prediction
  • use reasoning
  • do brain teasers
  • play mathematical computation games
  • do practical experiments
  • analyse and interpret data and statistics

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