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How to Transform Your Self Image

Knowing that you are a genius is one of the fundamental things that allows you to think like one.

I don't know about you but I didn't get told I was a genius when I was a child. (Boo-hoo, I was robbed of my brilliance!) You see it is now quite clear that every healthy human brain is capable of genius - that means You and me!.

Studies show self-image affects performance
They've studied the affect of self-image on intelligence, in education experiments. The teacher comes into class and explains to the children that a new scientific study has shown that blue-eyed children are far smarter than children with brown or green eyes. Immediately the blue-eyed children in the class start to outperform their peers in all aspects of school studies. The effects are dramatic!

Two months later the teacher calls the class for a special meeting and gravely tells them she made a mistake. She apologizes to the children and tells them that the experiment actually proved that the brown-eyed children were the most intelligent.

The blue-eyed children's self-image tumbles and they suddenly start under performing again. Meanwhile the brown-eyed children's grades soar to the A+ range! And the reason? When you believe you are smart, you act smart. When you think you are a creative genius, you think and act like a creative genius. Each of us lives up or lives down to the self-image we have accepted for ourselves.

(Before we move on, let me just clarify that eye colour has nothing to do with intelligence!)

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is...
The great 20th Century success philosopher, Earl Nightingale, spent 20 years studying the texts of the world's great religions and philosophies. His moment of enlightenment came when he realized that all of them boiled down to one statement: We become what we think about.

If you think you are stupid, guess what? You will be stupid. You'll do dumb things. You'll act clumsily and present a clueless image to the world.

On the other hand, if you think you are smart, if you think you a valuable intelligent person, then that is exactly what you will be.

The many faces of Genius!
Before I show you how to change your self-image, let's just expand your understanding of what genius is.

There are at least 8 types of intelligence, says Harvard Project Zero's Dr Howard Gardner:

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal or "Social" Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal or Intuitive
  • Naturalistic

Each of us has every one of these intelligences but we are stronger in some and weaker in others. From a career and earnings point of view it's a good idea to play to your strengths in life. Identify where your core strengths lie and really focus on them. To become a rounded individual, you can choose to work on those areas that you are weak.

Genius by day, jerk by night!
Many of the people we refer to as geniuses are really only exceptional in their field of endeavour. So you have musicians who are scintillating performers on stage but can barely hold a conversation off of it.

There are sportstars who can do things in their sport that appear sublime, but they can't multiply numbers higher than 7. There are writers who can move the human spirit with their words but put them in a soccer kit and they'll be hapless when it comes to running and scoring a goal. There are mathematicians who can work out complex theorems but wouldn't know how to change a plug. There are all kinds of geniuses.

A mother who can calm a crying baby or entertain a crowd of children could be looked upon as a genius. Suffice to say that we all have areas of ability in which we could be considered geniuses (if not now, then after further practice). And what's more we all have the potential to be geniuses in all the intelligences given training and practice.

Give Yourself AMMO!
Yes dear friend it's time to bring out the AMMO, shoot down your old self-image, and give yourself a brand spanking new one! It's time for "A Me Make-Over"!

There's a very simple way to develop your self-image so that you think of yourself as a genius.

Here's what you do. Simply say to yourself: "I AM A GENIUS!"

Simply repeat this affirmation to yourself over and over on a daily basis, and learn the techniques and strategies to develop your brain power and creativity.

As you practice the exercises here and in other books or programs that you study, you will begin having ideas and insights that begin to give weight to your affirmation I AM A GENIUS. Your growing sense of your own creativity will make you believe in that affirmation. Your constant repetition of that affirmation will saturate your subconscious and make you believe in it too. And so you'll be more creative and insightful because that is how you identify yourself.

It loops around on itself over and over becoming stronger and stronger. In time, you will notice people complimenting you and your work, saying "Wow! That's brilliant!", "What a great idea!" or "Excellent work! You're a genius!" And when they say that, just smile with gratitude and think to yourself: Yes, I know!

"Mediocrity is self-inflicted, but Genius is self-bestowed."

~ Walter Russell

Shoot the negatives with a blast from your genius gun
Use the following AMMO thoughts to shoot down and replace any negative thoughts about yourself (such as, I am stupid...):

I am a genius.
I am highly creative genius. I am infinitely creative.
I have a powerful genius mind.
I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.
I am a genius!

Yes. You are a genius. Throw away your old cloak forever. And put on your sharp new image: PURE GENIUS.

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