Thursday, January 06, 2011

URAP (a Traditional food from west Java)

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Urap is food from west java. Sundanese people call it "URAB". Urap contains good nutritions for health, cause it made from fresh vegetables. This food used to be one of kingdom's menu for a long time ago. Now, this food become one of traditional food for public. This food is interesting for both villagers and citizens. In fact, this food ever made at German.

100 gram of gratered coconut
750 ml of water
3 pieces of garlic
3 sheet of orange leaves, slice
3 piece of red pepper
1 tablespoon of crushed chili
1/2 teaspoon of "kencur"
25 gram of Java sugar

Vegetables :
Taoge, soak in hot water for a while
long bean, slice 1/2 cm, soak in hot water for a while
feldsalat, wash
additional: spinach and cabbage and soak in hot water for a while

How to make Urap :
1. Delicate garlic, red pepper, add water, then add "kencur", orange leaf, & smashed chili.
2. Then boil into the water and use little fire. Add gratered coconut, mix until water fused with concoction.
3. Serve urap with other vegetables...It will be tastier if added with "Lauk Baceman".
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